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Solar water heating affords us a clean, inexhaustible supply of energy that helps to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

Rinnai draws from the expertise of over 70 years experience in designing and manufacturing Hot Water Systems.

This allows us to give you a refined range of the most highly efficient quality choices available.

How Solar Systems Work

Rinnai solar systems are actually very simple in operation. Solar Collectors mounted on the roof absorb the energy from the sun and heat cooler water that flows through pipes just beneath the surface.

This hot water is then transferred to a storage cylinder ready for use. As you use the hot water, cold water is pushed back into the cylinder and then through the Collector for heating.

To ensure that there is always hot water for those days that are cloudy or raining, the addition of either an electric or gas booster completes the system.

Types of Systems

Coupled Systems

Where the Storage Cylinder and the Solar Collectors (panels) are coupled together and the installation is on the roof. A choice of an electric boost element in the cylinder or a gas booster installed usually on the blind side of the house completes the system.


  • Technically very efficient, economical to install and low maintenance

  • No recirculating pumps and pipe runs ' reducing heat losses and improving running efficiencies

  • No electricity required to operate pumps to recirculate the water through the panels

  • Space saving in that it eliminates the need for a storage tank at ground level ' ideal for courtyard homes or small blocks

  • Supplied standard in NEW Titanium colour

  • Wide range of Colorbond® colours available.

  • Split Systems

    Where the Storage Cylinder and the Solar Collectors are literally split and installed separately. A choice of an electric boost element in the cylinder or an in-line gas booster which can be installed on the side of the cylinder, or remote mounted on a wall.


  • Easy installation on roofs

  • Streamlined appearance - minimal impact on the aesthetics of your roof line with only the Collectors visible

  • Split Systems do not require reinforcement of the roof structure, as the weight associated with water storage is at ground level

  • Split System cylinder can be installed internally or externally

  • Collectors and the tank do not need to be installed at the same time ' ideal during construction of new homes and major renovations

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